Share, engage & act
with lists

We believe lists are the best way to organize and grow your conversations, contacts, and community from one place.

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How it works?

Our growth platform is built to fit all the variables of your community, so you can experiment with your messaging, demographics, channels and objectives easily. Foster conversations. Gather insights and feedback. Create your unique inimitable growth story.

All under your control. All in one place.

Engage with contacts

Organize and manage your audience in personally curated lists by user journey ('followers', 'leads', 'customers', 'advocates'), campaigns, objectives, etc.

Act on insights

We've cut through the noise of impossible analytics to bring you easily actionable insights, that also have the power to supercharge your growth.

Why knoit?

We want users to achieve the type of growth that makes a bang.
That's why we've optimized lists. They are simple and effective for beginners. Insightful and granular for professional marketers.

For beginners. For pros.

Organize everything

Keep your goal in focus. Manage your objectives. Engage with customers. All from one place.

Work with your team

Streamline your work by sharing your lists with your team, clients or consultants.

Hack your growth

Run experiments and gain feedback around launches, engagements, lead gen or whatever tickles your fancy.